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Skid-Lift was conceived, engineered, and born in Fargo, ND, under the roof of Fargo's own Anvil Design & Manufacturing. With it's compact design and universal usability, we envision people and crews around the world finding daily uses for this remarkable attachment that creates an entirely new approach to getting jobs done.

The Skid-lift is a patented product that brings it's users to new heights. Using nothing but the hydraulics of a skid steer or tractor the Skid-Lift brings its operator from anywhere to 5 feet to 28 feet in the air. With multiple different styles and types Skid-Lift has just what you need to bring you to new heights. Skid-lift has some other features about it that make this lift a truly all- terrain unit, at a fraction of the cost of typical all-terrain man lifts.

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