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Herbi the Heater

We were approached to help reverse engineer a poorly designed piece of agricultural equipment. The equipment became known to us as Herbi the heater, but to most, a gigantic, agricultural flame thrower.

This piece of equipment is used to help with bugs, pests, and weeds. The main customers for this company were organic farmers who are not able to use your typical sprays on their produce. Along with organic farming it was also a great tool for farmers that live in warmer climates. This product uses high temperatures to kill off weeds and bugs making it useable in climates that are subject to drier terrain. This was a favorite project of ours, we were with our customer every step of the way from initial design, to manufacturing and field testing. This product utilized electronics, heating, hydraulics, mechanics, engines, and fans giving us the opportunity to team up with some other great, local companies.

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